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Effect of stress on stainless steel sight glass

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The stainless steel sight glass has many advantages, such as small installation size, small driving torque, convenient operation and so on. It is frequently used in valve pipeline. In some industries, the stainless steel sight glass is a non negligible component and one of the very intuitive observation equipment. When the immortal steel sight glass is installed, the stress has a very serious impact on it. Therefore, some very important factors should be paid attention to in the installation.
For example, keep the assembly stress uniform, the installation welding stress, thermal stress and vibration in a very small range.
1. The assembly stress is one of the reasons for the leakage of the stainless steel sight glass. Only when the stress is uniform, the mirror will not burst.
2. The installation welding stress is also a very high requirement for the stainless steel sight glass, in which the installation welding stress is bound to be a good seal.
3. In terms of thermal stress and vibration, whether the stainless steel sight glass is stable and durable also has an indirect relationship. Under normal circumstances, the smaller the thermal stress, the better. Similarly, in terms of vibration, the smaller the vibration, the higher the sealing degree of the mirror.
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