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Introduction to the Characteristics of Quartz Glass Tube 1

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Introduction to the Characteristics of Quartz Glass Tube 1
As a kind of glass tube, quartz glass tube is different from ordinary glass tube. Quartz glass tube has excellent properties. What are the characteristics of quartz glass tube?
1. Quartz glass tube can not be scratched.
The quartz content of quartz glass tube is as high as 93%, and the quartz crystal is a natural mineral with hardness second only to diamond in the natural world. Its surface hardness is as high as 7-8 degrees Mohs, which is widely higher than the hardness of individual ironware. Knives, shovels, steel ball and other ironware used at home can not scratch and wear them. Under individual conditions, you can stand on the table. All kinds of household goods are placed on the surface (but attention should be paid to prevent the use of high hardness items such as diamonds, sandpaper and cemented carbide to scratch the table). This is the advantage that any kind of cabinet counter information on the market does not have at present. It can be said that the quartz glass tube counter surface has no after-sales service. Let's advocate that "no after-sales service is the best service for customers".
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2. Quartz glass tube does not burn out
The base material of diamond countertop is mainly natural quartz crystallization. Quartz crystallization is a typical refractory material. The melting point of quartz is as high as 1300C. After adding a large number of composite materials, the surface of quartz glass tube still has a relatively high anti-scalding ability. It can resist low temperature, no distortion, no warping in appearance, and the heat of hot pot or pot bottom falling off. The coke residue will not melt, discolor burst in a short time, nor will it be damaged by hot water or oil splashes from the pot. It is the best table material with temperature resistance except stainless steel at present. Individual natural stone countertops of ordinary resin boards are often scalded by coke residue from cigarette butts and pan bottoms, while quartz glass tube countertops are fully equipped to resist these scalds and maintain durable and bright countertops.
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