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What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz tube heating in electric oven compared with stai

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The heating elements used in electric ovens can be roughly divided into three categories: one is an electric oven with a far infrared tube and a quartz heating tube, which is the lower grade type of all electric ovens. However, the basic electric baking function can still be achieved, but the baking speed will be relatively slow. Therefore, it is more suitable for families in general economic conditions, but they need to buy electric ovens and single people. The other type is an electric oven with two far-infrared tubes and one quartz heating tube, which is characterized by faster heating speed. However, compared with the former, the price is slightly higher, generally more than one or two hundred yuan. Another type is that there is an ultraviolet heating tube attached to the accessories, which can be used for high temperature disinfection. It can sterilize and disinfect, has a high degree of hygiene, and has a fast heating speed, so the price is more expensive. It is suitable for consumers with good economic conditions.
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Quartz tube heating, generally through radiation heating object, heating is more uniform, do not contact the heated object, but it is difficult to local heating; and stainless steel tube heating through heat conduction, heating fast, not uniform, but can be local heating.
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