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Introduction of high temperature aluminum silicate boiler si

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  Introduction of high temperature aluminum silicate boiler sight glass.
  Features: Has a high resistance to high temperature performance and chemical stability,excellent transmittance, Because of its low thermal expansion coefficient, it is better able to withstand higher temperature difference and has good flame processing performance, is the latest technology manufacturing, with a mirror-like excellent surface and good optical uniformity.      Resistant to strong acid and alkali and organic special corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, permanent working temperature up to 520 ℃. Long life, is a high-quality high-temperature glass, with excellent characteristics and wide range of uses. Widely used: steel, chemical stone, optics, optoelectronics, electromechanical, electronics, lighting, semiconductor engineering, chemical enamel pressure capacity equipment, labor freezing, food, printing and dyeing, paper making, shipbuilding, explosion-proof equipment and other mechanical sight glass supporting components.
  Product maximum operating temperature: 610 ℃,safe working temperature: ≤ 520 ℃.
  Product Specifications: Thickness: 1.5mm -35mm.
  Other specifications thickness can be processed according to customer demand for production, it can be cut into large, small, square and round shape.
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