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Effect of appearance quality of observation window glass on thermal stability and compressive streng

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The observation window glass is a transparent glass under high temperature or high pressure to observe the operation of the equipment and the materials in the equipment, which can detect the production process and prevent production accidents. The thermal stability and pressure resistance are important quality indexes of the observation window glass. In addition to the chemical composition and processing technology, the appearance quality of the observation window glass has an important impact on the thermal stability and pressure resistance Ring.
1. Impact on thermal stability
Deep scratches or cracks on the surface of the observation window glass and various defects such as refractory sand, iron chips or other impurities inside can reduce the thermal stability of the glass, because the mechanical strength of the glass itself also has a significant impact on its thermal stability.
2. Impact on compressive strength
According to the measurement, the actual strength of the block glass is much lower than the theoretical strength, which is 2-3 orders of magnitude different from the theoretical strength. The reason why the actual strength of block glass is so low is due to the brittleness of glass and the existence of microcracks (especially surface microcracks) in the glass and the existence of internal uneven areas and defects, resulting in the stress concentration (because the glass will not flow under the stress, the microcracks on the surface will expand rapidly, and the stress concentration will lead to the fracture).
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