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The relationship between high temperature resistant glass and fireproof glass

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1. Fireproof glass is a kind of common building glass. This kind of glass is on the user's building curtain wall. When there is a fire, it can help the victims delay the spread of the fire and create more chances for the victims to escape. There are many kinds of fire-proof glass, but not all fire-proof glass can withstand high temperature. It can be said that fire-proof glass products contain high-temperature resistant glass, but many fire-proof glass are not resistant to high temperature. In case of fire, fire-proof glass will break, only the broken glass can maintain complete performance, which can effectively prevent the spread of flame. It can be seen that fire-proof glass is not high temperature resistant glass.
2. High temperature resistant glass refers to the glass that can be used for a long time without breaking under the set high temperature. These glasses have corresponding fire protection functions. Some high temperature resistant glasses can also be used in contact with open fire for a long time. Therefore, high temperature resistant glass belongs to fire-proof glass, which can also be said to be fire-proof glass.
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