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What are the precautions for use of toughened glass

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1. Pay attention to protect the corners of toughened glass
First of all, pay attention to protect the corners of toughened glass. If the edge of toughened glass is damaged, the risk of glass self explosion will be multiplied. Because the stress points of toughened glass are all concentrated in the corners, the protection of the corners is particularly important. When the toughened glass with damaged corners cannot be treated, it must be used with caution.
2. Avoid keeping toughened glass under pressure for a long time
In use, the toughened glass should not be under pressure for a long time. Generally, the bearing pressure of toughened glass is between 70MPa and 100MPa. The maximum pressure it can bear is the pressure multiplied by the bearing area of glass. If not necessary, do not place heavy objects on the toughened glass plate for a long time to avoid the broken toughened glass caused by the pressure value reaching the critical point.
3. Avoid uneven heat and cold
If in the extreme state, a piece of glass is applied with high temperature and low temperature at both ends, then the glass has a great probability of self explosion. Some chemicals may also cause damage to toughened glass. The toughened glass shall not be exposed to alkaline substances such as sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid. The glass is essentially silica and will react with the above substances.
In addition, as the stress point of toughened glass is concentrated at the corner, once the corner is broken, the probability of toughened glass breaking will increase, so for the sake of home safety, do not use sharp and hard objects to knock the corner of toughened glass.
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