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classification of glass

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According to the use of glass classification is a common method in daily life, usually can be divided into the following categories:
1. Architectural glass: including flat glass, polished glass, laminated glass, hollow glass, etc;
2. Daily glass: including bottle glass, vessel glass, medical glass, arts and crafts glass, etc.
3. Instrument glass: including high aluminum glass (the mass fraction of Al2O3 is 20% - 35%, used for combustion tube, high pressure mercury lamp, boiler water meter, etc.), high silica glass (the mass fraction of SiO2 is more than 96%, used to replace quartz glass to make glass instrument), high borosilicate glass (used for heat-resistant glass instrument, chemical reactor, pipeline, pump, etc.).
4. Optical glass: including colorless optical glass, used for microscope, telescope, camera, television and various optical instruments; clear optical glass, used for various filters, signal lamps, color cameras and various instrument displays. It also includes glasses glass, discolored glass, etc.
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