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What should be paid attention to in the finished quartz test tube

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Now the quartz tube is widely used and plays an important role in our production days. Quartz tube is widely used in chemical industry because of its excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. Such as hydrochloric acid equipment; high temperature acid gas incineration, cooling and guiding equipment; acid solution evaporation, cooling, absorption and storage equipment, distilled water, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid production equipment; chlorination reaction vessel; distillation tower filling, steam heating and mixing equipment; acid resistant valve; filter plate, etc.
Therefore, we must carefully check the quality of quartz test tubes. The primary production unit must check the quality of the products delivered according to the department standards and the rules required by the ordering unit. All kinds of quartz glass products should be accompanied with the product qualification certificate and the product operation manual. The qualification certificate must have the product, the primary chemical composition, the performance index and the inspector's signature and seal, indicating the production date And printed with the name of the manufacturer or the code of the manufacturer. If it is a high-purity coated quartz glass product, the weight of the product coating shall be attached at the time of delivery.
Therefore, the quartz test tube products must ensure the completion of high quality, in order to get durable use in the chemical industry.
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