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The secret of prolonging the service life of quartz tube

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Quartz tube has excellent characteristics, so it occupies an important position in our production work. It is processed with quartz as the basic material. 
The temperature resistance of the quartz tube is related to its purity. The higher the purity is, the higher the temperature resistance is. However, the softening point of the quartz tube is 1270 ℃, which should not exceed 3 hours when it is used at 1200 ℃. Quartz glass to be used at high temperature shall be wiped clean before use. It can be soaked with 10% hydrofluoric acid or lotion, then washed with high-purity water or treated with alcohol. During operation, thin thread gloves shall be worn, and direct contact with quartz glass by hand is not allowed. Keep the furnace tube clean and sanitary, and there shall be no substances reacting with SiO2 left in the furnace tube. When burning materials, in order to make the service life of the furnace tube longer, do not directly put the materials on the furnace tube, and use a boat type crucible to hold them. Quartz glass products are valuable materials, which should be handled with care and handled with great care.
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