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Where is high pressure resistant glass used?

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High pressure resistant glass is a kind of glass used in the place with pressure of 0.1-25mpa, and its service environment is very special.
High pressure resistant glass can still maintain its original integrity, permeability and thermal properties under high pressure. It should be noted that the pressure mentioned here is formed by liquid medium or gas medium, excluding the impact pressure generated by blasting.
1. Pressure reactor. The pressure of the pressure reaction kettle is generally 3-30mpa. For example, some chemical products need to be produced in this equipment, and high pressure is needed in the production process. The glass for observing substances must be high pressure glass.
2. Industrial pipeline. The medium in the industrial pipeline will generate a certain pressure, such as the pressure of nitrogen, helium and other gases, some of which are even as high as 15MPa. Here, pressure resistant glass is needed for observation.
3. Pressure vessel. The pressure source of pressure vessel has dynamic property, and the possibility of explosion caused by exceeding the rated pressure lurks. Therefore, the glass on the pressure vessel must have high pressure resistance.
4. For the steam boiler, the steam pressure at the outlet of the boiler is considered to be 2-30mpa. High pressure glass is required here to observe the material condition in the boiler.
5. Underwater submarine. The deeper the water is, the greater the pressure will be. When the submarine submerges into the deep water, the high-pressure glass is indispensable.
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