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Application of flange mirror glass

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        Flange is an element used to connect pipelines, equipment and pipelines and play a sealing role. The glass installed on the flange for observing the operation of materials in the equipment is called equipment flange mirror glass. In industry, flange mirror glass plays an irreplaceable role and is of great significance for monitoring production and preventing accidents.

        The equipment flange glass mirror can observe the conditions of water, steam, liquid, oil, solution and other media in the equipment. The application and requirements of equipment flange glass mirror in industry are as follows:
        1. Equipment flange glass with corrosive medium
        The raw materials, products, auxiliary materials and batch materials of many chemical and petroleum enterprises are corrosive substances, such as ammonia, oil, hydrocarbon, carbonic acid, acetic acid, ester acid, etc. the equipment flange glass mirror with corrosive medium needs to have certain acid resistance or alkali resistance. Mirror glass with different SiO2 and B2O3 contents can be selected according to different corrosivity.
        2. Flange mirror glass under low temperature condition
        Liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen or various refrigerants are often used in industrial production. The flange glass mirror used in these low-temperature working conditions must have low-temperature resistance and will not break when used at low temperature. Jintai flange glass mirror can be used at - 80 ℃ for a long time.
        3. High temperature equipment flange mirror glass
        Some products need to be produced under high temperature conditions or will release a lot of heat during synthesis. When observing the operation of these high-temperature equipment, the flange glass mirror needs to have the performance of high temperature resistance and will not be damaged due to the sudden change of temperature. The maximum temperature resistance of Jintai flange glass mirror is 1500 ℃, which is suitable for all kinds of high-temperature equipment.
        4. Sanitary flange mirror glass
        In the production of food and medicine, there are hygienic requirements for the mirror glass, which has high requirements in terms of appearance and cleanliness. The glass needs high finish, no dead corners, cleanliness and hygiene, and there can be no residue and breeding bacteria in the process of use.

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