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Precautions in the process of quartz tube cutting and pickling

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1. HF can be used as the cleaning reagent for quartz tube, of course, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid or other combined acid can also be used, the concentration of acid shall be controlled below 5%, and chemical protective equipment shall be worn for operation;
2. Strictly control the acid concentration and time to prevent the quartz tube from being washed (i.e. lost) or unclean. Therefore, it is necessary to check the acid concentration every 8 hours.
3. The water for cleaning the quartz tube must be purified deionized water. If the surface of quartz is not clean, it is easy to produce crystallization or acid mist, which will affect the transmittance of quartz tube;
4. Of course, the waste water containing acid cannot be discharged directly. The simple method is to collect the waste water in a plastic pipe, and then add the liquid (or solid) alkali to neutralize it. Only when it meets the requirements of environmental protection can it be discharged.
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