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Main Production Methods of Quartz Glass

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      1. Single rod electric melting furnace process: take the melted crystal as the raw material, use the graphite rod for heating, and the melting temperature is controlled by the surface power. When the temperature reaches 1900 ℃, the melted crystal will be melted. At this time, the quartz glass and the graphite rod will separate and produce a certain internal pressure, the temperature will continue to increase, and there will be no silica carbon reaction. The process can produce quartz glass bricks and various opaque quartz glassware.
      2. Vacuum resistance furnace and vacuum pressurization furnace process: the vacuum atmospheric furnace is technically transformed into a vacuum pressurization furnace. There are three types of Furnaces: large, medium and small, with a maximum diameter of 4m. Heating depends on a row of graphite rods and melting crystals in the baking furnace, which can produce large pieces of optical quartz glass. The medium-sized quartz glass with a diameter of 1m-1.5m is used to produce high pinch infrared optical quartz glass. The raw materials for optical quartz glass are specially processed primary smelting crystals; For the production of quartz tube in small vacuum pressurized furnace, vacuum is pumped by J-550 or H-8 vacuum pump, the high-temperature vacuum degree is 10-1mm Hg, and the graphite crucible is used as the fuser. Abroad: France, Japan and the United States use vacuum furnace to melt quartz lump, and then use quartz lump to pull tube in resistance furnace twice. This method can produce large-diameter tube for electronic industry.
      3. Electric melting continuous melting furnace process: crystal sand or high-purity quartz sand is used as raw material, tungsten and molybdenum materials are used as melting dissolver and electric heating materials, and the temperature can reach more than 2100 ℃. Continuous heating, continuous feeding and continuous drawing of quartz glass tube are generally about one year in normal production. The domestic continuous melting furnace process has many shortcomings. Since the Donghai County quartz products general factory introduced a full set of foreign technologies, processes and equipment, the overall level of China's quartz glass industry has been greatly improved through digestion, absorption and technological innovation. The transparent quartz glass tube for lighting has been close to or reached the advanced level of foreign countries and exported abroad, which has promoted the output and quality of China's quartz glass for lighting to a new level.
      4. Hydrogen and oxygen gas refining process: this process first uses the electrolytic hydrogen and oxygen production technology to produce a large amount of hydrogen and oxygen, and then mass produces quartz glass products for semiconductor technology, including tubes, crucibles, quartz glass utensils, optical quartz glass, etc. The process is produced by non-contact method, so the purity is high. Adopt layered melting to eliminate bubbles, and use high-quality crystal as raw material.

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