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How to Solve the Energy Waste of Glass Curtain Wall

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        While pursuing transparency, one of the biggest problems encountered by glass buildings is the waste of energy. There is a large demand for air conditioning energy due to large-area glass. For the energy-saving problem of glass curtain wall, there are mainly the following solutions:

        1. Construction method of double glass curtain wall
        This is a common solution. The specific method is to leave a certain space between the two glass curtain walls, and design ventilation devices at the bottom and top of the glass curtain wall to adjust the temperature of the internal space of the curtain wall and create a buffer space for indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so as to improve the physical performance of thermal insulation of the glass curtain wall.
        2. Use insulating glass materials
        The more common is a kind of laminated glass called Low-E glass, which solves this problem to a certain extent. It is a laminated glass made of silver and other metal components in the glass. It can block the long wave of visible light and reduce the thermal transmittance of mum. Although the glass itself has a faint green color, when you look at the bright outdoor, you can't feel the difference from the ordinary transparent glass, but the radiant heat through the glass is only about 40%, which has a good heat insulation function.
        3. Design of natural ventilation system
        The glass curtain wall is generally a fully enclosed wall, which brings the problem of ventilation system design. The full use of air-conditioning air supply system will bring energy consumption. Therefore, the effective design of natural ventilation system is an important part of energy-saving design of curtain wall buildings.
        4. Integrated design combined with solar energy utilization
        Solar cells and glass materials are combined into composite glass. Using this composite glass for curtain wall design can not only meet certain lighting needs, but also turn a large amount of sunlight into usable energy. This method is still in the next stage of exploration and has not been widely used, but this design method integrating solar energy utilization and architectural design provides a positive idea for the energy-saving design of glass curtain wall.

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