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Thermal Properties and Types of High Temperature Resistant Glass Mirrors

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        High temperature resistant glass mirror is a transparent glass installed at the observation hole, fire observation hole and observation port of high-temperature equipment. The operator can observe the operation of the equipment and the medium in the equipment through the glass mirror. Its most prominent feature is high temperature resistance, which plays an irreplaceable role in industry. It is of great significance to understand the thermal performance and type of high-temperature resistant glass mirror.

        The thermal performance of high-temperature resistant glass mirror mainly includes temperature resistance and thermal stability. Temperature resistance refers to the performance that can withstand a certain high temperature without cracking. Thermal stability refers to the rapid cooling and heating within a certain temperature difference without affecting the performance of the product. The thermal performance of high-temperature glass mirror is determined by the material of the glass. The higher the content of SiO2, SiO2, B2O3 and A12O3 in the composition, the higher the temperature resistance and the better the thermal stability. For the mirror glass with the same composition, overheating treatment can be carried out to increase the thermal performance of the glass. It should be noted that the surface state of the glass also has a certain impact on the thermal stability, such as cracks, deep scratches, depressions and other defects on the glass surface, The thermal stability of glass will be reduced, so the requirements of high-temperature glass mirror for processing technology are relatively strict.
        The types of high temperature resistant glass mirrors can be divided into the following types according to the requirements of the service environment:
        1. High temperature resistant glass mirrors for chemical and petrochemical industry
        Such products not only need good thermal performance, but also need high chemical corrosion resistance. This is because the production raw materials, auxiliary materials and products of chemical and petrochemical enterprises often have certain acidity and alkalinity. High temperature mirror glass needs to resist the corrosion of various acids, alkalis, salts and other substances while working safely at high temperature.
        2. High temperature resistant glass mirror for container
        This kind of product is the special mirror glass for all kinds of high-pressure and high-temperature reactors, boilers, tanks and other closed containers. It is a kind of glass with both temperature and pressure resistance.
        3. High temperature resistant glass mirrors for kilns and industrial furnaces
        Such products have very high requirements for temperature resistance and thermal stability, especially the central temperature of industrial furnaces in metallurgical industry and foundry industry often reaches 1700 ℃, and the molten metal will also splash on the mirror glass. Therefore, the mirror glass installed in these extreme high-temperature equipment has special requirements for material and processing mode.