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Determination of Chemical Stability of Glass

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        Glass products will be eroded by water, acid, alkali, salt, gas and various chemical reagents and liquid medicine in the process of use. The resistance of glass to these erosion is called the chemical stability of glass. The chemical stability of glass depends on the corrosion resistance of glass and the types and characteristics of erosion medium. In addition, the temperature and pressure during erosion also have a great influence. It is very important to determine the chemical stability of glass.

        The chemical stability of glass is determined as follows:
        1. Powder method
        The glass powder with certain particle size is eroded in water, acid, alkali and other solutions. Finally, it is expressed by the weight lost by the powder or the content of components (mainly Na2O) transferred to the solution by acid and alkali titration, that is, the amount of alkali evolution. This method is fast and simple, but it is affected by particle size and uniformity, glass thermal history, the ratio of erosion solution volume to sample weight and so on. This method can only reflect the characteristics of the glass material itself, without considering the surface state of the glass.
        2. Surface method
        The surface method uses the alkali precipitation or weight loss per unit area to express the degree of glass erosion. This method can not only reflect the characteristics of the glass surface, but also reflect the characteristics of the glass material itself.

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