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Factors Affecting the Service Time of High Temperature Resistant Glass

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        High temperature resistant glass is a kind of glass used at high temperature. There are many factors affecting the service life of high temperature resistant glass, mainly including the following points.

        Influencing factor 1: the working temperature of the purchased high-temperature resistant glass is lower than the required working temperature.; When choosing glass, we'd better understand the working temperature of the required glass. Only by meeting the working temperature requirements under our working conditions can we ensure that the glass will not break. The choice of temperature depends not only on the maximum allowable working temperature of the glass, but also on the temperature difference between quench and heat resistance of the glass. Generally, the choice of high-temperature resistant glass is to choose a glass with a higher working temperature than yourself, which is more suitable, so as to ensure that the glass can be used normally without breaking.
        Influencing factor 2: install the glass with gaskets. Without gasket, the edge of the glass is easy to scratch during installation, and the cold and heat expansion of the metal is relatively large. When the metal expands at high temperature, the glass pressed inside the metal will be squeezed, resulting in glass fragmentation. The gasket can well protect the edges and corners of the glass. At the same time, the gasket can counteract the extrusion force when the glass expands and avoid the glass from being crushed.
Influencing factor 3: when installing the glass, do not use brute force when tightening the bolt. Tighten it gently and tighten the bolt with skillful force to avoid fracturing at the edge of the glass. If the force is too large, it is easy to break or press the edge of the glass. At this time, if it is heated again, the crack will expand and cause the fragmentation of the whole glass.
        Influencing factor 4: frequent quench and heat changes, and any glass can withstand certain quench and heat changes. However, if there are frequent quench and heat changes during use, it will also have a great impact on the service life of the glass. If a piece of glass is used at a constant temperature for a long time, its service life is much longer than that under the condition of frequent cold and heat changes.
        Influencing factor 5: incorrect cleaning method. When many glasses are used for a long time, pollutants will stick to the glass, which will affect the observation. At this time, the glass needs to be cleaned. When cleaning, you need to use a soft rag and wipe it gently with a little glass cleaning agent. You can't scrape or wipe it with metal wires or hard objects. In this way, it is easy to flower the glass surface and cause microcracks on the surface, which are easy to become larger at high temperature and cause glass fragmentation.

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