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Application of fire goggles in industry

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Fire watch goggles are safety protection articles for observing high temperature flame and melting state in industry. They are mainly used in high temperature working conditions such as boiler fire watch, furnace fire watch, steel smelting, etc. they can effectively absorb infrared, ultraviolet and visible light. They are indispensable labor protection products for operators under high temperature working conditions.
There are two kinds of industrial fire goggles: Blue goggles and kiln goggles.
Blue goggles are special glass with blue appearance, which can be installed in face mask or plastic frame, and can also hold single blue goggles. They are usually used in iron and steel plants, cement plants and other enterprises, with visible light transmittance of 20%, strong absorption of infrared and ultraviolet rays, and can effectively eliminate glare. The general specification is 50 * 107mm, and the maximum layout is 400 * 500mm. ,
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Furnace goggles are special eye protection products for glass furnace and power plant boiler to watch fire. They are processed by the unique filter principle through the coating process. They can observe the high temperature of 800 ℃ ~ 2200 ℃, the observation effect is more clear, and the protection effect is more superior. Therefore, some iron and steel plants gradually use this product to replace the traditional blue eye protection. There are two kinds of kiln goggles: hand-held and spectacle. There are two kinds of hand-held products: 125 * 55 and 130 * 65mm. This product is easy to carry, especially spectacle goggles, which liberate hands and improve work efficiency.
It should be noted that many workers use sunglasses instead of fire goggles to observe the flame, which is very dangerous. Sunglasses are used to block the sun. They have poor blocking effect on the strong light produced by high temperature in industry, resulting in the damage of harmful light to the eyes. This is also the reason why employees who use sunglasses to observe the flame often feel eye pain. Professional fire goggles can provide different products according to different working conditions, with strong pertinence and protection.
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