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What Is Ultra-thin Glass and What Are Its Advantages?

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    Ultra thin glass refers to flat glass with a thickness of less than 1.1mm. There are many kinds of ultra-thin glass, which can be used in many different industries. In terms of technology, compared with ordinary glass, the production process requirements of ultra-thin glass are much higher, and the technical difficulty of production is relatively large. However, it is still a very popular product in the current glass industry. This is precisely because ultra-thin glass has many advantages and uses. What are the advantages of ultra-thin glass?

    First, compared with ordinary glass, ultra-thin glass has higher transparency, cleaner, brighter and more beautiful use;
    Second, because the thinner the glass, the better the light transmission performance, the better the flexibility, and the weight will be reduced, which is also the most important advantage of ultra-thin glass;
    Third, the surface of ultra-thin glass is more flat. Many photo frame glass, mirror making, high-grade cosmetic mirror, lighting and so on are also using ultra-thin glass products;
    Fourth, ultra-thin glass is also used in some emerging electronic products, such as mobile phones, televisions, watches, computer screens, etc., which are more lightweight, ultra-thin and beautiful;
    Fifth, the sensitivity of ultra-thin glass is higher. It can be used on the surface of touch screen, hand, tablet computers, electronic products and various precision instruments and meters. The operation is faster, more convenient and more flexible.

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