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Significance of Waste Glass Recycling

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    China's cities waste more than 7 million tons of glass products every year, accounting for 35% of the total amount of urban waste, while the recovery rate of waste glass is only 13%, far lower than the world average of 50%. Waste glass is a kind of waste that cannot be burned, degraded in landfill and decomposed and treated by general physical and chemical methods. Waste glass also contains heavy metals such as zinc and copper that pollute soil and groundwater. Therefore, recycling waste glass is particularly important.

    According to statistics, using recycled glass to regenerate glass can save coal and electricity energy by 10% - 30%, reduce air pollution by 20% and reduce mine waste gas by 80%. According to the calculation of one ton, recycling one ton of waste glass can save 720 kg of quartz sand, 250 kg of soda ash, 60 kg of feldspar powder, 10 tons of coal and 400 kwh of electricity. A glass bottle saves enough energy to keep a 50 Watt laptop working for eight hours. One ton of waste glass can recover 20000 bottles of 500g after being heated, which is 20% higher than the production cost of new materials.
    Role of recycling waste glass:
1. Abrasive: container or non container glass can be used for sand blasting after being crushed. It can be used to carve glass or grind stone, metal and other surfaces This abrasive does not contain silica and will not cause workers to suffer from stone foam deposition disease;
2. Construction engineering supplies: used for concrete and subgrade construction, roads and parking lots. Decorations: ceramic tiles, photo frames, fashion accessories and other household supplies;
3. Glass fiber: glass fiber is made of waste glass, accounting for a heavy proportion of the old glass recycling market;
4. Friction device: friction device needed to make matches and detonate ammunition;
5. Flux or other additives: glass foam can be used as lubricant in metal casting industry and flux in porcelain industry.

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