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What is the specific performance of quartz instrument?

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1. The electrical insulation performance of quartz instrument is good; in the era of ordinary glass with resistance value equal to 10000, it is an excellent electrical insulation material, and it also has good electrical performance, even at high temperature.
2. Good thermal stability; the thermal expansion coefficient of quartz instrument is very small, and it can bear the temperature change. The quartz instrument is heated to 1100 ℃, and stored at room temperature, it will not burst in water.
3. High temperature resistance: the softening point temperature of the quartz instrument is about 1700 ℃, which can be used for a long time, and the maximum use temperature in a short time can reach 1400 ℃.
4. Good light transmittance; quartz instrument has good light transmittance from ultraviolet to infrared of the whole spectrum band, and the visible light transmittance is more than 93%, especially in the ultraviolet region, the maximum transmission rate can reach more than 80%.
5. Corrosion resistance: in addition to hydrofluoric acid, the quartz instrument has almost no chemical reaction with other acids. The chemical stability of ceramics and stainless steel at high temperature is 30 times and 150 times of the acid resistance, especially incomparable with any other engineering materials.
Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, quartz instrument has been widely used in various fields of light source, semiconductor, optical communication, military industry, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, machinery, electricity, environmental protection and other advantages.
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