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Quartz tube has a very strong corrosion resistance

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Quartz tube processing without coating, radiation rate is stable, high temperature does not deform, no harmful radiation, no environmental pollution, high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, small thermal inertia, fast thermal response, high thermal conversion efficiency. The heating temperature can be selected by oneself, the radiation performance will not change in long-term use, and the structure is reasonable and easy to use.

Quartz tube is the only selective radiation far infrared heating element in China. It has wide application and strong applicability. It can be widely used in mechanical and electrical, chemical, electronic textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, printing, grain, food processing, medical health, leather and other heating and drying, curing and dehydration, as well as heating equipment of various drying channels, drying rooms and ovens. Quartz tube is especially suitable for corrosive heating occasions such as medicine and health, scientific research laboratory, environment without pollution and acid and alkali.
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