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The methods of cleaning quartz tube

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The methods of cleaning quartz tube are as follows:
In semiconductor industrial equipment, the use temperature of quartz glass is often in the high temperature state of 1000 ℃ - 1300 ℃. In this state, due to the attachment of impure substances, the devitrification occurs. The devitrification part is the crystallization of quartz, and the devitrification point is 275 ℃. When the temperature of quartz glass drops from high temperature to the devitrification temperature, the devitrification part of the surface and the original height of quartz glass are the same Different expansion coefficients between the α phase and the β phase at low temperature will lead to the cracking phenomenon when the opaque peel shape is more serious under rapid cooling.
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In order to use quartz products for a long time, we must pay attention to prevent the causes of quartz devitrification, and the pollution sources of devitrification are alkali metal, alkali earth metal, sweat, saliva, oil, dust Wait. And 0.1mg/cm2l} K will cause dozens or hundreds of times of loss of permeability. Therefore, in order to prevent these pollution sources from adhering to the quartz surface, in addition to not taking the quartz directly with bare hands, the cleaning work must be done before using in high temperature operation to ensure the cleanness of the quartz surface. Generally, the cleaning of quartz requires some procedures. First, wash the surface with pure water, then put it into the pickling tank for some time, and then wash it with pure water and dry it.
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