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The packaging of quartz glass

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Packaging Method: Containers and Auxiliary Materials for Packaging Products:
(1) Packaging boxes: wooden or cardboard boxes, depending on the specific circumstances of the product.
(2) Auxiliary materials: paper strip, corrugated paper, plastic film, foam plastic, straw rope, hemp rope and so on.
1. Transparent quartz glass tubes should be packed with paper or plastic film and single-layer corrugated paper according to their roots. Fine tubes and rods should be packed in bundles. When necessary, each tube or rod should be packed with paper or single-layer corrugated paper first, then tied with fine linen rope. Each bundle should be of the same diameter and length. Then packed with hay or paper strips, etc. Inside the box.
2. Quartz glass instruments, utensils, optical glass and sheets should be packed separately with soft paper plastic film. High purity quartz glass products must be packed separately with plastic film. For overlapping products, several products should be folded together, tied up with fine linen rope, and then packed into packing boxes filled with hay or paper strips.
3. The packing of large opaque quartz glass products and large quartz glass bricks shall be tightly bound with straw ropes and then packed into packing boxes filled with paper strips, etc. Quartz bricks may be clamped with wooden clips.
Among them: small and medium-sized products need to be packed separately with single-layer corrugated paper or paper, and then packed into packing boxes filled with hay or paper. (Quartz glass sheet)
quartz glass tubes, quartz glass sheets
2. Each package or case of products shall be accompanied by a product description and packing list.
    1. (1) Product name, specification, quantity and weight;
        (2) The name and address of the production unit;
        (3) The name and address of the consignee;
        (4) The date on which the product is delivered or delivered;
        (5) others.
    2. Except for large-scale products, the gross weight of each case shall not exceed 25 kg.
    3. Outside the box should be marked as: receiving unit and department, address, telephone; delivery unit, address, telephone; and paste the words "glass instrument", "handle with care", "not invertible" or graphics.
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