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The refractive index of quartz sight glass

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The refractive index of quartz sight glass
The refractive index of the quartz sight glass: the ratio of the sine of the incident angle to the angle of the refraction is called the refractive index when the light passes through the interface. Generally referred to the refractive index, usually refers to the use of the sodium lamp D line (589.3nm) from the air (or vacuum) medium measured values.
Quartz sight glass is a single component of silica sight glass, which is usually divided into two categories: quartz sight glass and non quartz sight glass (fused silica). Only a very small amount of quartz sight glass bubble, has very high optical uniformity and the degree, or by the crystal silicon as raw materials, by high temperature melting into the content of SiO2 in more than 99.95% high pure quartz sight glass called quartz sight glass is more than 99.999%, non quartz, quartz sand as raw materials, by high temperature melting and, containing more than SiO299.5%.
Because the quartz sight glass is made from pure (SiO4) network skeleton composed of silicon oxygen tetrahedron, and the bond strength is large, compact structure, so the mechanical strength, high heat resistance, heat transfer coefficient is very small, the chemical is also very good, at the same time, viscosity and softening point is also very high, because no network of interstitial cations. So, small density, conductivity and dielectric loss is very small.

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