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How to choose high pressure resistant glass

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Pressure resistant glass is a kind of glass that can be used under a certain pressure level. Its most outstanding feature is its superior pressure resistance performance. It can be widely used in pressure pipes, pressure vessels, high-pressure boilers, reactors and other high-pressure equipment.
High pressure resistant glass can be divided into round, square, rectangle and long bar semicircle. Most of them are round and long bar semicircle. The following points should be paid attention to when selecting high pressure resistant glass:
1. Determine the shape and size.
Generally speaking, the pressure resistance of a circle is better than that of a square. Because the circular force is relatively uniform, the stress concentration can be avoided better. The square has four corners, which is a complex stress area, and the pressure resistance is relatively poor. For the size, the smaller the specification is, the better the pressure resistance is. For the same specification, the thickness is better than the thickness. Before purchasing high-pressure resistant glass, it is necessary to determine Shape and size.
2. Determine the pressure value
The pressure value here refers to hydraulic pressure, air pressure, etc., excluding impact pressure and bursting pressure. When determining the pressure value, it is necessary to determine whether there are other working conditions, such as temperature, acid and alkali environment, etc.
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