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Classification and properties of heat-resistant glass sheets

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Heat resistant glass sheet is a series of glass sheet with low expansion, thermal shock resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength, which is made of heat-resistant glass through polishing, fine grinding and heat treatment. In industry, it can be used for boiler mirror, mechanical equipment window glass, in laboratory, it can be used for experimental oven glass, test utensils, etc. The company for the classification and performance of heat-resistant glass to make a statement, hope to help our customers.
1. Special series for boiler: this kind of heat-resistant glass sheet products can be processed into round, square glass sheet or semicircle at both ends with a heat-resistant temperature of 300-1200 degrees, with a processing thickness of 1-50 mm and various specifications. It is widely used in various vehicle and ship boilers, industrial boilers, domestic boilers, waste heat boilers, utility boilers, organic carrier boilers, hot blast furnaces, garbage incinerators, etc.
2. Heat source baffle series: This is a special heat-resistant glass sheet for oven, heating equipment, microwave oven, electromagnetic furnace, wave soldering equipment, etc., with a heat-resistant temperature of 300-1500 ℃. The processing forms provided are: cutting, chamfering, chamfering, edging, drilling, etc.
3. Special glass for fireplace: the color of the product is light brown transparent, colorless transparent, etc., which has excellent heat-resistant performance; high infrared transmission performance; it can provide a variety of shapes; it can be used for a variety of optical purposes, the product heat-resistant temperature is ≤ 1000 ℃, widely used in real fire wall furnace, wood burning fireplace, electric fireplace, gas fireplace and other products, with high heat-resistant temperature, cold and hot temperature change resistance. Change.
4. Fire observation hole and wind observation hole series: the heat-resistant temperature can reach 1500 ℃, which can adapt to the high temperature produced by molten steel and flame. The specification is generally within 300 mm, and the thickness is generally 2 mm-20 mm. The product has high heat-resistant performance and can contact with open fire without cracking.
5. Chemical pipeline series: the product has superior heat-resistant performance, heat-resistant performance, high pressure resistance, high light transmittance, strong acid-base resistance, and can be applied to all kinds of corrosive chemical places such as medicine, food, petroleum, pesticide, chemical reagent, fertilizer, etc.
6. Heat and high pressure resistant series: This product can be made into round, square, liquid level gauge glass plate, with excellent heat and pressure resistance. It is mainly used in high-pressure boiler, high-pressure reactor, oil industry, submarine and other high-pressure and heat-resistant equipment. The parameters of heat resistance and pressure resistance are determined by the product specification and thickness.
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