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What kind of glass is used in high temperature equipment

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High temperature equipment glass can be divided into two categories, one is high temperature resistant glass, the other is high temperature observation glass.
The high-temperature resistant glass for high-temperature equipment is installed on high-temperature equipment, which can withstand the high temperature generated by the combustion of hot fluid, molten liquid, gas or materials in the equipment, and can work safely below 1500 ℃. The glass can withstand the sudden change of certain temperature, and is suitable for the use of equipment with alternating changes of cold and heat. The heat-resistant glass for high-temperature equipment is usually transparent glass sheet, whose shape is round, square, trapezoid, step or other special shapes, which can be processed according to the requirements of the equipment.
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2. High temperature observation glass
High temperature observation glass is a kind of glass for observing high temperature working conditions. The difference between high temperature resistant glass and high temperature resistant glass is that it can not bear high temperature. High temperature observation glass mainly includes cobalt blue glass and furnace observation glass. Cobalt blue glass is the blue glass used by cement plants and glass plants to observe kilns. The common specification is 50 * 107mm, the thickness is 2.5mm or 3mm, and the maximum specification is 400 * 500mm. The kiln observation mirror is a kind of glass used to observe the material and wall conditions in the kiln. It is processed by the coating process and can observe the high temperature of 800 ℃ ~ 2200 ℃. It is suitable for the high temperature environment such as steel plant, power plant, glass plant, boiler, etc. It can effectively filter out the strong light and harmful light, observe clearly and protect the eyes well.
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