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Sight glass for pipes

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1. Pressure resistant pipe observation window glass
The materials transported by the pipeline often produce certain pressure, which requires the pipeline window glass to have good compressive property. The integrity and usability of the glass will not be damaged due to the external pressure. The compressive parameters of the pressure resistant pipeline window glass produced by Panchao are 0.6MPa ~ 35MPa.
2. Corrosion resistant pipe window glass
The product has excellent corrosion resistance, especially the acid resistance is very superior, except hydrofluoric acid and thermal phosphoric acid, it is not corroded by other acid solutions.
3. Observation window glass for high temperature chemical pipeline
The product has outstanding temperature resistance, which is not damaged by hot fluid and hot air. It can bear alternating changes of temperature difference between cold and hot in a certain range. The temperature resistance of the product is 100 ℃ ~ 1500 ℃, and the temperature difference between cold and hot is 200 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃. It can be installed on pipes with hot water, hot steam and hot oil as the medium.
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