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Classification of boiler heat-resistant glass

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The heat-resistant glass of boiler is 100-1500 ℃, with high transparency. According to different functions, the heat-resistant glass of boiler has the following categories:
1. Heat resistant glass tube of boiler
The product is a kind of heat-resistant tubular glass, which is mainly used to observe the water level of the boiler. It has two types of heat-resistant: 360 ℃ and 1200 ℃, the outer diameter is 10-30mm, the length is 1500-2200mm, the wall thickness is 1-10 mm, and the inner hole is round, square, fan-shaped and triangular.
The product is a long strip glass with semicircle at both ends. There are two types of reflection type and perspective type. It is generally installed on the boiler together with the liquid level gauge. Its appearance is colorless, transparent or light yellow or light green. The conventional thickness is 17mm or 22mm, the width is 30mm or 34mm, the length is 218mm, 250mm, 280mm, 320mm, 340mm, 400mm, and the non-standard size can be customized.
3. Boiler heat-resistant glass mirror / window
The product is a glass used to observe the combustion of materials in the boiler or the operation state of the boiler. It is usually a round, rectangular or square plate glass. The temperature resistance of the glass is 300 ℃, 500 ℃, 860 ℃ and 1200 ℃. According to the requirements of the boiler, the heat-resistant glass sight glass / window also needs to have certain chemical corrosion resistance and pressure resistance. The thickness of the product is 2-60mm, the maximum diameter of the circle is 600mm, and the maximum diameter of the rectangle is 750 * 1200mm. The glass can be processed by drilling, high throwing, abnormity, sandblasting, etc.
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