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The use of glass tube

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1, dehydroxylated hydroxyl in 10ppm or less, after vacuum dehydration, hydroxyl up to 5ppm or less, for high pressure mercury lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and other low-hydroxyl products;
 2, pearl tube is a white quartz tube produced by a new technology products, the surface of the surface as if the pearl, for heat pipe, heating pipe, far infrared tube manufacturing;
 3, the filter UV tube can filter out the ultraviolet spectrum of the human body harmful to the wavelength of 190-320nm UV, suitable for the manufacture of environmentally friendly light source;
 4, no ozone tube and filter UV tube, can be around 253.7nm wavelength of ultraviolet light, ozone-free ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the main material, widely used in medical equipment, water treatment, food hygiene and other sterilization;
 5, electrical insulation with quartz glass tube because of excellent electrical insulation and heat resistance, for Kodal electrostatic integrator, high frequency and a variety of electrical insulation materials, power plant boiler level tube, high pressure insulation tube Class and so on.
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