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The best choice for manufacturing optical instruments

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Quartz tube is a very good basic material. Quartz glass has excellent comprehensive function. The transparent quartz glass has the function of transmitting ultraviolet and optics. It can be used to make optical instruments. Quartz glass is a special industrial technology glass made of silica. Electrical equipment, medical equipment and high temperature and erosion resistant chemical instruments. Physical function of quartz glass. It can be used at 1100 ℃ for a long time and is resistant to high temperature. The resistance value of quartz glass is 10000 times that of ordinary glass, with good electrical insulation function. The resistance of quartz glass is ten thousand times that of ordinary glass. Excellent electrical insulation material, even in high temperature also has good motor performance.
Quartz tube products generally have good optical performance, can penetrate long-range ultraviolet light, and have strong penetration ability. Quartz is characterized by high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good birefringence of fringes and bubbles. It is its many advantages that make it show its own advantages in various harsh environments. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is only one twentieth of that of ordinary glass. When it is heated to 1200 ℃, it will be put into cold water without cracking. If a proper amount of titanium is added, a special material, zero expansion coefficient material, can also be cast, which can be used in high-end technology, laser technology, astronomical survey and other fields.
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