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Common connection mode of pipe sight glass

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The pipe sight glass is the most common sight glass style in the sight glass, which can't be missed in many industrial pipes. There are many ways to connect the pipe sight glass, and the common ones are as follows:
1. Flange connected pipe sight glass: the sight glass body is equipped with flange, which is connected with the pipe by flange. This connection method is widely used. More than 90% of the pipe sight glass is connected by flange. The flange standards adopted include GB, Hg, SH, JB, ANSl, JIS and other standards.
2. Threaded connection sight glass: the valve body is provided with internal thread or external thread which is connected with the pipeline by thread. The thread is generally g pipe thread, and NBT thread is also available.
3. Welding connection: this kind of sight glass connection mode is divided into socket welding connection and butt welding connection. Welding sight glass is generally used on the pipeline of inflammable, toxic and other dangerous goods, with weld joint and groove on the sight glass, and the pipeline is connected by welding.
4. Clamp connection: the mirror body is provided with a clamp port, and the pipe mirror connected with the pipe by clamp is commonly known as quick mounting mirror.
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