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Reasons for choosing ultra-white glass sheet solar pv glass

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      Reasons for choosing ultra-white glass sheet solar pv glass

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Photovoltaic glass is a silicate glass with low iron content. It is called ultra-white glass in the photovoltaic field.
Its raw materials are mainly soda ash and quartz sand. Photovoltaic glass seals solar cells between a piece of low-iron glass and a piece of back glass through film.
It is a novel high-tech glass product for construction. Use low-iron glass to cover the solar cells to ensure more light transmittance and generate more electricity.
Photovoltaic glass plays a role in protecting the battery from water vapor corrosion, blocking oxygen and preventing oxidation,
high and low temperature resistance, good insulation and aging resistance in photovoltaic modules.
At the same time, photovoltaic glass has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light transmission and controllable,
and it is completely separated from the fuel process while energy-saving power generation.
It does not produce exhaust gas, and at the same time avoids waste heat, waste residue and noise pollution.
According to the application, photovoltaic glass can be divided into two categories: one is ultra-white rolled glass used in crystalline silicon cells,
and the other is transparent conductive oxide coated glass used in thin-film solar cells.

The advantages of using ultra-white glass for photovoltaic glass:
1. Low self-explosion rate of glass
It can effectively protect cultural relics, using high-purity raw materials, and relatively ordinary glass does not contain various detonating impurities,
thereby greatly reducing the self-detonation rate after tempering.
2. Color consistency
Due to the maturity of the technology and the leading technology blockade,
the ultra-white glass adopts the world's advanced color analyzer and analysis software to ensure the consistency of the glass color.
3. High visible light transmittance and good permeability
Visible light transmittance greater than 91.5%, with crystal-like quality, makes the exhibits more clear and can highlight the true original appearance of the exhibits.
4. Low UV transmittance
Compared with other get off work, it can effectively slow down the fading and aging of various exhibits in the showcase, especially for the protection of cultural relics.
5. Large market, high technical content, and strong profitability
Ultra-white glass has high technology content, is difficult to produce, and has strong profitability.
Higher quality determines its expensive price, ultra-white glass (some experts analyze even up to 6-10 times), the cost is only 2 to 3 times that of ordinary glass, with higher added value.

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