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Properties of Low-E glass toughened products

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      In the process of tempering, the online Low-E glass will bear a high temperature close to the softening point of the glass. At this time, the color of the film may change, resulting in color difference.
      In addition, the online Low-E glass is tempered with a film. The existence of the film makes the heating on both sides of the glass asymmetric, which makes the tempering process difficult to control, and may cause a series of problems such as large tempering deformation. The off-line Low-E glass is tempered first and then coated, so there is no problem.
      In order to prevent the above-mentioned tempering problem of online Low-F glass, some people use the untempered online Low-E glass as the inner sheet of insulating glass and place the tempered transparent glass on the outside. This usage will not only have a certain impact on the effect of Low-E glass in the south, but also may aggravate the stress spot of the outside tempered white glass by enlarging the inside Low-E glass. In contrast, the tempered offline Low-E glass is placed on the outdoor side without this problem.

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