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Production Method of LOW-E Glass

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      Low emissivity coated glass is coated with a film containing pure metallic silver based on the offline coating process to reduce the emissivity of the glass and improve the hollow performance. At the same time, the glass has good spectral selectivity. On the basis of a large amount of visible light, it can prevent a considerable part of the outdoor lines from entering the room, which not only keeps the indoor light bright, but also reduces the indoor heat load to a certain extent.

      Two production methods of Low-E glass are:
      1、 On line pyrolytic deposition
      On line high-temperature pyrolysis deposition method. Online Low-E glass has products from many enterprises in the United States. For example, PPG enterprise Ford enterprise. These products are achieved in the cooling process of float glass. Liquid metal or metal powder is sprayed directly onto the surface of the hot glass. As the glass cools, the metal film becomes a part of the glass. As a result, the film is hard and durable. The "Low-E" glass produced by this method has many advantages: it can be hot bent and tempered, does not need to be used in a hollow state, and can be stored for a long time. Its disadvantage is its poor thermal performance. Its "u" value is twice that of sputtered "Low-E" coated glass. If you want to improve its thermal properties by increasing the film thickness, its transparency is particularly poor.
      2、 Off line vacuum sputtering method:
      "Low-E" glass produced by sputtering is different from that by high-temperature pyrolysis deposition, and the sputtering method is offline. For the production of Low-E glass by sputtering process, a layer of pure silver film is required as the functional film. The pure silver film is between two layers of metal oxide film. The metal oxide film protects the pure silver film and acts as an intermediate layer between the film layers to increase the purity of color and light transmittance.

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