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Reasons for Glass Weathering

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      Glass weathering is a kind of surface corrosion phenomenon caused by the absorption of water on the melancholy surface, which causes the alkali formation inside the glass to be analyzed.

      Weathering can be divided into two categories: ① Alkali precipitation on the board surface. The alkali in the glass will reach the glass surface through ion exchange under the action of water vapor, and form white spots on the surface. ② The board surface is eroded by mold. This weathering usually occurs in glass with poor chemical stability.

      Reasons for glass weathering:
      1. Internal reason: The common flat glass is the oxide glass formed by the structural network of silicon oxide ions. The vacancy of oxygen ions on the glass surface causes holes, forming the surface free energy of the glass. The existence of surface free energy makes the glass surface relatively active, which is reflected in surface tension, friction and surface moisture absorption, resulting in easy hydrolysis of surface SiO2, easy decomposition of surface components, easy crystallization of surface and wettability.
      2. External causes: The external factors of glass weathering are mainly hydrolysis and high ambient temperature. During the storage of glass, a series of complex physical and chemical changes will occur when the glass surface contacts with water or air, resulting in weathering phenomena such as color spots, white spots or mists.
      According to the analysis of the action mechanism of water on glass surface, the weathering process can be divided into several stages. The water first adsorbs on the glass surface and gradually soaks inward. The potassium silicate and sodium silicate on the glass surface are hydrolyzed to form caustic soda, which reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form sodium carbonate and collects on the surface. Due to the hygroscopicity of caustic soda, it will be deliquested into lye, which will erode the silicon oxide structure of the glass and eventually cause mold areas and depressions on the glass surface.

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