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Composite Fireproof Glass

Click: -Time:2022-11-12 17:36
Product structure of composite fireproof glass:
It is composed of two or more layers of glass sheets attached to one or more layers of water-soluble inorganic fireproof adhesive.
Fire prevention principle of composite fireproof glass; In the event of a fire, the glass facing the fire will burst soon after encountering high temperature, and its fireproof adhesive interlayer will foam and expand about ten times successively to form a hard milky white foam like fireproof adhesive plate, effectively blocking the flame and isolating high temperature and harmful gases. It is classified as Class A fireproof glass. Fire protection time 60-90 minutes.

Features of composite fireproof glass products:
Stable fire resistance, both fire insulation and heat insulation. High impact strength and good safety.
Finished products can be ground, punched, and cut by changing the ruler. It can meet the needs of natural lighting and perspective.
The decoration is not good, and the light reflects the micro air spots with high density.
It is afraid of water, moisture and strong ultraviolet light. When it is used for external windows and curtain walls, the design scheme should consider the combination of fireproof glass and PVB laminated glass.