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Importance of Optical Glass Lens

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      Optical glass is a glass that can change the transmission direction of light and the relative spectral dispersion of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light. Optical glass has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity. Optical glass has advantages such as high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength and good chemical properties. It is used to make prisms, lenses, windows and mirrors with special requirements for transmission of various wavelengths.

      Optical glass lens is an essential part of machine vision system, which directly affects the quality of imaging and the implementation and effect of algorithm. Because different glass types have different characteristics, it is very important to select optical glass materials.
      1. Optical glass has high transmittance --- the transmittance can reach 92%. If one or more layers of magnesium fluoride antireflection films are plated on the surface of the lens, the transmittance of the lens can reach 99.2%.
      2. The optical glass is chemically stable - resistant to acid, alkali and other chemical substances.
      3. The refractive index of optical glass is constant and accurate --- the refractive index is 1.523, which is constant and accurate, and the diopter is accurate after processing.
      4. Optical glass absorbs ultraviolet rays to avoid damage to eyes caused by ultraviolet rays.

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