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Far Ultraviolet Optical Quartz Glass - JGS1

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      Optical quartz glass has excellent optical properties such as light transmission, and has the characteristics of high purity, high heat resistance, high radiation, etc.
      We customize and process high purity and excellent synthetic quartz glass, as well as OH free synthetic optical quartz glass, and also provide natural optical quartz glass.
      Quartz glass is the basic material for optical fiber production, because it has good ultraviolet transmission and low visible and near-infrared absorption. In addition, the thermal expansion coefficient of quartz glass is small. It has good chemical stability, bubbles, stripes, homogeneity and birefringence comparable to ordinary optical glass. It is a good optical material in harsh environment.

      (Far ultraviolet optical quartz glass) JGS1
      It is a kind of optical quartz glass, which is melted by synthetic stone and high-purity oxyhydrogen flame. Therefore, it contains a large amount of hydroxyl (about 2000ppm) and has excellent ultraviolet transmission. Especially in the short wave ultraviolet region, its transmissivity is far better than all other types of glass. The UV transmittance of 185 nm can reach more than 90%. Synthetic quartz glass has a strong absorption peak at 2730 nm and no particle structure. It is an excellent optical material in the range of 185-2500 nm.