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Main Application Range of Quartz Glass Tube Level Meter

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We all know that quartz glass tube level gauge is widely used in various kinds of open liquid containers and boilers in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other professions. It can be used to measure the interface of two different media densities together. The colorful liquid level gauge is installed on various containers and boilers. The liquid level changes can be observed directly. The liquid phase appears green, the gas phase appears red, and the interface measurement shows a three-color interface. Its liquid and gas manifestations are quite different. It is clear in long-distance observation and suitable for night patrol.
It successfully solves the weaknesses of common plate level gauge, such as clumsiness, large sealing area, easy leakage, unclear appearance, etc. It is an ideal direct reading level gauge at present. This series of products can be divided into monochrome and bichrome according to their functions, and basic and heat-tracing and heat-preserving types according to the different temperatures of the environment.
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