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quartz square glass petri dish

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 Although we often hear of quartz square cylinders in our daily lives, they are widely used and very popular in many industries, but many people do not know the characteristics of quartz square cylinders very well. Let’s get to know the editor together. .

   1. Quartz square cylinder is not old

Although many components of the color of the quartz square cylinder glass tube are artificially made, the material of the quartz glass is mainly based on the original color of minerals. There are a lot of compounding agents and low-cost anti-aging additives in the quartz plate. This makes the quartz square cylinder have very good anti-aging and anti-fading properties. In the ordinary daily use process in the room, it will not cause color transformation or gloss loss due to aging, oxidation, corrosion and other problems. If you don't work in an environment where the sun is more intense, it is very difficult for human eyes to see the color change of the quartz plates, and they are all materials that will not fade.

  2, Quartz square cylinder tube is non-toxic and non-radiation

The color of the quartz square cylinder is composed of the color of the mineral itself. Before the artificial differentiation, the material is granular. After the very strict beneficiation, ore washing, and impurity removal, there is no heavy metal impurities, so there is no eruption. The sexual problem is to obtain non-toxic materials that can be directly contacted by our country's building materials.

  3, quartz square cylinder is cost-effective

   Although the price of the quartz square cylinder is very high on the outside, if you calculate it, you will find that the price of making it is not low, and it is a one-time investment for long-term use.

   Therefore, it is precisely because of this that nowadays quartz square cylinders are widely used in many industries and are very popular. If you are interested in the or need to consult, please call us +8613343800331.
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