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Performance of Borosilicate Glass Mirror

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      Borosilicate glass is a kind of glass with excellent temperature resistance, which can withstand a certain high temperature without cracking. Strong resistance to cold and hot temperature difference. It can be tempered later.

      Product introduction:
      1. Product density: borosilicate glass is lighter than tempered glass, and its temperature resistance is stronger than tempered glass. It is a superior building material. The product density is 2.23 + 0.02a/cm3: Mohs hardness: Dagan 7.
      2. Thermodynamic performance the product can withstand 450 ℃ for a long time (≥ 10h) and 500 ℃ for a short time (< 10h).
      3. Chemical properties: water resistance (ISO 719) level 1, acid resistance (ISO 195) level 1, alkali resistance (1so695) level 2.
      4. Optical properties refractive index Nd: 1.47384 transmittance: > 91%.
      5. Maximum size: conventional 750mmx1200mm, customized length unlimited.
      6. Thickness: float process 1.5-25mm; Other processes: 0.5-150mm

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