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Classification of industrial mirror glass

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      Industrial mirror glass is mainly divided into high-temperature resistant glass, high-pressure resistant glass and high-temperature and high-pressure resistant glass. Each type of mirror glass has its own unique performance.

      Let's talk about the high-temperature resistant mirror glass. The mirror glass is characterized by excellent temperature resistance, can be used under various high temperature conditions without cracking, and has excellent heat resistance stability. It is a special glass for various high-temperature windows or viewports. The main heat resistance temperature of the high borosilicate glass is generally about 200~300 degrees, the tempered borosilicate glass is about 400 degrees, and the quartz glass is the best heat resistance, about 1400 degrees. Thermal shock temperature: 180 ℃~1100 ℃, bending strength: 80~220Mpa.
      High-pressure mirror glass This mirror is characterized by high compressive strength and bending strength, and stable mechanical performance. It is a special product for various high-pressure container mirrors or windows. The pressure resistance of high borosilicate is about 1~2Mpa, that of quartz glass is about 2Mpa, and that of tempered borosilicate is about 4Mpa. Bending strength: 100~220Mpa.
High-temperature and high-pressure mirrors can not only bear certain pressure, but also have good cold and heat resistance, and will not burst in the cold and hot environment. To sum up, quartz glass has the best performance, with a temperature resistance of up to 1400 ℃ and a pressure resistance of about 2Mpa.
      The above is the classification and respective performance of industrial mirror glass, and corresponding products should be selected according to needs.
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