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Development history of aluminum silicon glass

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      Aluminum silicon glass has a high content of Al2O3 and SiO2, which has good chemical stability, electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. It is commonly used for processing and manufacturing halogen lamp glass shells, screen covers, chemical pipelines, alkali free substrates, and alkali free glass fibers, and belongs to special industrial glass.

      Due to the absence of fluxing alkali metal oxides in the composition and the high content of A2O3 and SiO2, the melting of alkali free aluminum silicon glass is very difficult, and the bubbles and stripes in the glass are not easily removed. Currently, the melting of this type of glass in China adopts platinum crucibles for continuous melting or single crucible production. This production method greatly increases the cost of alkali free aluminosilicate glass, and brings greater difficulties to the forming of special-shaped products, resulting in greater restrictions on the use of alkali free aluminosilicate glass.
      In order to solve the above problems, meet the needs of national economic development for the variety and output of aluminosilicate glass, and establish economies of scale - providing output and reducing costs - has become a development trend in the application and development of this glass.
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