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Characteristics and Precautions of Sight Glass

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      Sight glass is a glass installed on the observation hole of mechanical equipment, which can observe the flow and reaction of liquid, gas, vapor, and other media in the equipment at any time. Sight glass has the characteristics of high transparency, high temperature resistance, large temperature difference resistance between cold and hot, and good mechanical impact resistance. The temperature resistance of the viewing glass can reach 1500 ℃, and it is installed in equipment such as furnace bodies and tanks. It can safely observe the conditions inside the equipment in harsh high-temperature environments. It has high heat resistance and can contact open flames without cracking. It is mainly used to observe the status of high-temperature substances in the equipment, with the color of colorless transparent or light brown transparent, and the specification is generally within 100 * 100mm. The thickness is generally 2mm to 20mm.

      During the use of sight glass, attention should be paid to the following items: ① strict cleaning, ② high-temperature pretreatment, ③ padding, and ④ avoiding unnecessary rapid cooling and heating.
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