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Important role of butt-welded flanged connection pipeline

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The welding flange is stamped into half annular elbow by stamping die or cast directly into half annular elbow by casting die. Then two half annular elbows are welded in groups. Flat welded flange uses gasket, which is a kind of ring made of material with plastic deformation and certain strength.
Welded flange plays an important role in connecting pipeline engineering. Flange is usually used in pipeline engineering. When welding flange is mainly used for pipeline connection, it is necessary to connect one end of pipeline or during installation.
butt-welded flanged, flange sight glass
Firstly, select the appropriate parts and flanges, if the low pressure conduit can choose the suitable threaded flange, if the pressure exceeds kg to weld the necessary flanges together with gaskets, then fasten the bolts to choose between them, instead of having different thickness of the pressure flange, select the appropriate bolt according to the thickness of the flange, and the stainless steel inner welded before connecting the flange. The outside of the tube is connected to be cleaned. The flanged tube adopts a more complex structure, such as a horn, in which temperature and pressure lines or ducts fluctuate relatively high at multiple pressures or temperatures. The steel plate can not be directly processed into a welded neck flange.
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