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What should be paid attention to when using quartz glass

What should be paid attention to when using quartz glass

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What should be paid attention to when using quartz glass

quartz glass

Quartz glass is made by melting all kinds of pure natural quartz (such as crystal, quartz sand, etc.).
The coefficient of linear expansion is very small, 1/10~1/20 of ordinary glass, and it has good thermal shock resistance.
Its heat resistance is very high, the temperature of regular use is 1100℃~1200℃, and the temperature of short-term use can reach 1400℃.
Quartz glass is mainly used in laboratory equipment and refining equipment for special high-purity products.
Quartz glass uses high-purity quartz sand as raw material.
The traditional method of making quartz glass is fusion quenching (heating the material to the melting temperature and then rapidly cooling to the solid phase of the glass).
In order to produce transparent glass with ultra-high purity and UV transmittance, silicon needs to be evaporated, oxidized, heated and dissolved.

Notes on the use of quartz glass
1. Quartz glass products are precious materials, so be careful when handling them.
2. All kinds of quartz glass have the highest operating temperature, which should not be exceeded during use, otherwise it will crystallize or soften and deform;
3. Quartz glass that needs to be used at high temperatures must be wiped clean before use. It can be soaked in 10% hydrofluoric acid or lotion, then rinsed with high-purity water or treated with alcohol.
Wear thin gloves during operation, and do not directly touch the quartz glass with your hands.
4. Allow quartz glass products to be used continuously at high temperatures, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of quartz glass and improve its high temperature resistance.

On the contrary, quartz glass products are used intermittently at high temperatures, so that the number of uses is limited;
5. Although the quartz glass material has high thermal stability, it can withstand huge temperature differences. However, due to the difference in residual strain and product shape, the thermal stability is also different in actual use, which should be paid attention to.
6. Quartz glass is an acid material. When used at high temperatures, contact with alkaline substances (such as water glass, asbestos, potassium and sodium compounds, etc.) should be strictly avoided, otherwise its anti-crystallization performance will be greatly reduced.
Quartz glass has high purity, high temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, good chemical stability, high light transmittance, good uniformity, low stress, no streaks, no grain structure, no bubbles, no inclusions, no fluorescence, and anti-laser It has excellent optical properties such as damage and other common thermal, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties of quartz glass.
Therefore, it is very suitable for optical applications in the near infrared to visible light to deep ultraviolet spectra and various high-tech applications.

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