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Common specifications of fireproof glass

Common specifications of fireproof glass

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Common specifications of fireproof glass
The function of fireproof glass is to control the spread of fire or to prevent smoke. It is a kind of measure fireproof material. Its fireproof effect is evaluated by its fireproof performance. It is a special glass processed and treated by special process, which can keep its integrity and heat insulation in the specified fire resistance test. The original piece of fire-proof glass can be made of float plate glass, toughened glass and composite fire-proof glass.
There are five kinds of fire-proof glass, one is laminated composite fire-proof glass, the other is wired fire-proof glass, the third is special fire-proof glass, the fourth is hollow fire-proof glass, and the fifth is high-strength single-layer cesium potassium fire-proof glass.
Product comparison Visible light (%) Coefficient of heat transfer Shielding factor
Transmittance Reflectivity
6mm glass 89.1 8 5.73 0.95
6 mm cesium potassium fire protection 50 12 3.99 0.64
6mm + 12a + 6mm glass 79.8 14.4 2.76 0.82
6mm cesium potassium + 12a + 6mm glass 49.9 15.2 1.85 0.46
8mm cesium potassium + 12a + 8mm glass 49.5 15 1.85 0.45
10 mm cesium potassium + 12a + 10 mm glass 49 14.8 1.84 0.44
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